15 September 2013

Grand Teton National Park, Moose, WY


Goodbye mountains, goodbye west. 👋😢 We've spent the past five months in the western U.S. and I can safely say its been the best leg of our travels so far: unbelievably scenic; friendly, like-minded people; an abundance of cheap and free boondocking sites; excellent cell coverage; wonderfully fresh produce and coffee; perfect weather—all the paths straight to my heart. But it's nearly time for us to make our annual pilgrimage back to Kansas to spend the holidays close to family. We tend to spend Halloween to Christmas rather stationary, camping for free on some family land in southeast Kansas. This allows Jack time to be with his cousins, saves us lots of gas & camping costs, lets us enjoy the wonderful Kansas fall season, tackle lots of long-term work projects, and start making plans for the new year. On our way back, we're planning to visit a few states we haven't been to yet (North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) to see some new national parks (Theodore Roosevelt, Voyageurs and Isle Royale). We couldn't be more excited about that. If you have recommendations for those states, do let us know!


Sounds fantastic ! · 1 year ago


@worksology SO happy you loved it! You guys must come back someday! Safe journeys to you and your beautiful family! 😊👍 · 1 year ago


Come and do an Alaska adventure one day🌲🗻 · 1 year ago


the west is the best 😊 · 1 year ago


Glad you had a great time in our beautiful western states. Have a safe journey back to Kansas. Looking forward to more of your family's adventures. · 1 year ago


Madison Wisconsin is a great town with a fabulous farmer's market and a beautiful lake · 1 year ago


So enjoyed seeing my home state of Oregon through your eyes, and it's been lovely following your other western adventures, too. Safe travels to Kansas! xx · 1 year ago


Wisconsin...my home!!! Safe travels! Can't wait to see your photos from my neck of the woods! 😊 · 1 year ago


Have you been to the Badlands yet? · 1 year ago


The west is beautiful...glad you came and saw it for your selves. I've been to many places RVing also and i have to say the west is the best!👆in my ❤but I'm from Cali what can I say!Now you can follow the yellow brick road back to Kansas. 👋Safe journey!!! · 1 year ago


Love the tetons · 1 year ago


If you're coming through Northern Wisco, you'll want to hang out by the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior. · 1 year ago


Minnesota is absolutely beautiful. Lake itasca is fantastic. I'd love to be going back again. · 1 year ago


If going through South Dakota, go to wall and the drug store. So worth the trip and a national park across the street. You'll enjoy Theodore Roosevelt natl park, quite beautiful · 1 year ago


Minnesota!!!!! · 1 year ago


😍 · 1 year ago


Come to Wisconsin and enjoy Devil's Lake State Park, Peninsula State Park, and many options for hiking and beautiful views throughout the Kettle Moraine! We are gorgeous here in the fall! Happy trails to you! · 1 year ago


Yay, Minnesota! · 1 year ago


@worksology how do you find out about free boondocking? Thx :). Safe travels. · 1 year ago


Not sure where you're going in MN, but we loved the area called the 'North Shore' along Lake Superior. Awesome state parks, cool waterfalls & good hiking. · 1 year ago


Yes! You need to see Devils Lake State Park in Wisconsin! · 1 year ago


Stoked to see all the fascinating pictures of your pilgrimage! · 1 year ago


thanks for sharing your sites and stories. i appreciate being (virtually) part of the journey. :) · 1 year ago


High cliff state park in wi is great. Wisconsin dells is touristy but a lot of cool things to see. Would love an instameet! I'll be in the dells the weekend of oct 19. · 1 year ago


Thanks for all the amazing pics you've posted in the last months. All of then are amazing! Have a safe trip home. · 1 year ago


Isle royale takes 2 weeks minimum. Do a loop and backpack the whole thing!!!! · 1 year ago


I recommend stopping in the quaint small town of New Glarus, WI to tour the brewery and sample their microbrews. · 1 year ago


What do you do for work? We took a 6 month sabbatical from work so we could travel the US and it was awesome. We are back in the thick of "normal" life and missing our time on the road. We haven't been able I figure out how to make money while traveling yet. So here we are. For now. · 1 year ago


If you're traveling through Northern MN, be sure to check out Split Rock lighthouse, Gooseberry falls state park and Duluth, MN. All on lake Superior and all are beautiful. · 1 year ago


Yes, I too would love to know what you and your wife do for work. · 1 year ago


Please share how you budget. I have always wanted to travel like you are doing :) thanks for sharing · 1 year ago