06 October 2011

Having spent our summer racing from one National Park to another, wandering all across the vast West of the United States, we were anxious to set a decidedly slower pace for our fall travels. The summer was incredibly rewarding & enjoyable—one of my favorites, for sure—but we seldom stayed put for more than a day or two at a time. And that’s exhausting. Driving 10,000 miles over 60 days (that’s more than 165 miles per day!) is a wild accomplishment, but there’s pain in constantly hitching & unhitching, setting up & tearing down campsites, preparing the trailer for living vs. traveling. There’s a heavy fixed cost involved in packing up and moving to a new place and we did it 33 times this summer! (The practice has made us impressively efficient, though, and we’re proud of that!)

And so for the past three weeks, we’ve largely stayed put, here in Burlington, Vermont on the shores of Lake Champlain. We’ve moved a couple of times, once to spend a few days in lovely Stowe, and again when we were kicked out of our site for a busy Outdoor Festival weekend, but we’ve never strayed more than a few miles. And it’s been lovely. The longer stay has allowed us to really get to know the city. We’ve eaten at nearly a dozen local restaurants. We’ve hiked & rode the popular local bike trail many times. We’ve wandered aimlessly, drank the local beers (toured the brewery, actually!), shopped the stores. We even sat in on a local high school girls’ field hockey match. We certainly don’t feel like locals, but it’s been a refreshing change from the whirlwind pace of our summer, and the intimacy has been lovely.

Tomorrow we’ll kick things back in motion a bit when we visit our neighbors to the north. We’ve got a rough plan to spend a couple weeks whipping through the eastern Canadian Provinces before slowing down again along the coast of Maine.