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The hike before the storm. How about a #drivie dronie? (Apologies for the dirty truck. Dirt roads, ya'll.) Taken on our way out of Water Canyon. 🎶 "Schizophrenia" by Jukebox the Ghost. Just outside our door. Zero dollar camp vibes. #campvibes #idcampthat
#campspot Second #dronie, or as #jackthestickcollector has dubbed them: #dronestagram. This one is from our free campsite at Water Canyon, just a few miles south of Winnemucca, Nevada, which you can see at the end of the clip. 🎶 "And I" by Boxcar Racer. Across the water & off to the left you can see Anaho Island National Wildlife Refuge. It is home to one of the few remaining nesting colonies of White Pelicans in North America. Other residents of the island include California Gulls, Caspian Terns, Double-crested Cormorants, Great Blue Herons, Black-crowned Night Herons, & Snowy Egrets. Because human disturbance is enough to frighten pelicans from their nests, boaters aren't allowed within 500 feet of the island, so this was as close as we got. Jack finds something to keep or collect in nearly every campsite. A week ago he found a Black Diamond headlamp, red, just like he'd have picked out. Here's the giant spider he found on Pelican Beach. Mixed messages over Winnemucca. A found objects round of golf at the lake. Fore! Easy there, Junior Ranger. #jackthestickcollector #treeshredder Our beautiful riparian campsite in Water Canyon near Winnemucca, NV. Not sure what these trees are, but they shed sticky sappy seeds all over everything. Fallon, NV #whptypeinthewild Had our first thunderstorm in a long while here in Winnemucca. Here's Jack watching for lightning from inside the Airstream. I managed to capture a bolt on my second attempt. Waiting on the lunar eclipse a few nights ago. Another shot of our lonely spot on Pyramid Lake in Nevada. I really like Nevada; there's something about the desolation and barrenness that is otherworldly beautiful and peaceful to me. AT&T cell coverage sucks, though. #ramadaportrait The boy adores his sticks. 😍#jackthestickcollector Our $9/night beachfront property. #jackthestickcollector investigating some "mysterious foot tracks." A boy & his #Airstream #liveriveted The salt in the water helps create these deeply-eroded edges along the shoreline. A photo he'll actually pose for. #instagrammerdown #deadstagram Walker Lake. You can't see it here, but looking closely in the water reveals trillions of alkali fly larvae. They are constantly swarming, making the otherwise-still water come alive with motion. It's kinda gross. King of his own mountain. #jackthestickcollector

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Cox Bros BBQ, Manhattan, KS

We're currently exploring Kansas. So far we've spent 26 days & nights in Kansas out of our 635 days on the road. That's just a measley 4% of our time since we started traveling.

We've driven 75,859 miles through 46 states. Not too shabby. Our major goal, though, is to visit all of the United States' National Parks. So far we've seen 26 of the 58. Getting closer.

For detailed statistics on all manners of things related to our travels, check out our Stats page. (Coming Soon!)